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Fort Morgan, Colorado


For most women with a straightforward pregnancy, the appointment schedule is as follows:

  • Once per month through 28 weeks
  • Every 2 weeks from 28 - 36 weeks
  • Every week from 36 weeks until you have your baby


Be Ready: Prenatal Care, Nutrition & Wellness Guidance, Childbirth Preparation, Birth Planning, Breastfeeding Support


Our Clients - $125

Others - $150

*Additional fees may be assessed for travel to pick up/drop off placenta or shipping fees on a case-by-case basis.


At each visit we check you and baby for evidence of a healthy developing pregnancy. Just like the OB we track blood pressure, weight gain, baby's growth and heart rate and screen for signs of potential problems. We discuss your diet, emotional adjustments  and how the pregnancy impacts you, your family and work.


We are in phone contact with you in early labor, then come to your home when things get active.

We help with all manner of comfort measures in first stage and coach your partner in the best ways to support you. We assist you through position changes and pushing, right up through the birth of the baby - into your hands or ours.

We support you and baby as you transition into lives post-pregnancy, including APGAR scoring and delivery of the placenta.


Student midwives may be available to record your birth experience.This is meant to be a record of your baby's journey into the world - not baby's first photo shoot.

FEES are flexible.


Our care continues through 6 weeks after the birth. We come to you at one day and three days, one week and three weeks. The six-week check up is done at the office.

For these visits we are monitoring the ongoing success with breastfeeding and baby's weight gain. We are also watching for any hint of postpartum depression or maternal infection, monitoring your recovery.

We also perform the newborn screening test and register the birth so you can get a birth certificate and social security number for your baby.



Birth tubs are available for our clients to rent for labor comfort and birth if interested. We have both inflatable and rigid styles. Each comes with specific instructions for set up. We bring a sump pump to drain the tub after the birth. Rental fee includes the cost of the disposable liner for the inflatable tub, clients are expected to purchase plastic for lining the rigid-sided tub.

Inflatable - $75

Rigid - $50


Once you and baby are stabilized we give you some space to get to know one another as we get to work cleaning up. We will bring you food and get you to the bathroom. We do an extensive exam with your baby and assist with breastfeeding basics.

On our way out we will take out the trash and start a load of birth laundry.


We offer childbirth classes to all our families* who are having their first planned home birth. Our approach focuses on unmedicated natural childbirth with involved family support.

Classes are usually 2 consecutive Saturdays from 10 AM - 4 PM with a shared lunch.

 $200 per couple

*These classes open to anyone wishing to attempt an unmedicated birth - whether they plan to birth at home or in the hospital.

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